Welcome to the kitchen


This is just a small modest beginning, for what I hope will be a somewhat larger adventure. By somewhat larger, I mean that I hope someone reads this that isn’t obligated to do so out of friendship or familial ties. What is this modest beginning? Lately I and my friends (who are gracious enough to help and write here) have been creating wonderful meals in our kitchens, sharing recipes and techniques between us and trying new and exciting things in an attempt to make our kitchens achieve their potential. I wanted a place for us to record our triumphs and failures, to place our favorite recipes, to discuss tips and techniques, and to share those with others so that they might enjoy as we do.

This is not going to be high cuisine, at least not all of the time, but it is going to be good food and hopefully good for you.

So I am going to wrap up this post here with a little bit more hope. I hope that you all enjoy what you read, I hope that you participate in our discussion, and I hope that everything that comes out of your kitchen is good and flavorful.


About Jess

I'm a 30ish woman living in Texas. Juggling taking care of my family, and going back to college. View all posts by Jess

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