Chicken and Dumplings

So I apologize for the quiet that has happened in the last few days, I fear the semester started and I have been focused mainly on getting settled into my classes. It doesn’t mean however, that I’ve stopped cooking! And after lastnight with a lovely dinner party consisting of me Lissa Angela (Fayne in spirit..we missed you love!) and a poor bedraggled boy we yanked along (Paco, poor poor Paco) I was reminded that we should be talking about what we are eating more often. The food last night was very good..simple but delicious and I’ll let Lissa go into detail (which btw Lissa is a big hint) so I’ll be talking about what I made the other night.

It’s finally decided to get cold in our southern state around here and when it is cold I am drawn to thick stews, soups, and roasts to warm myself and my family up. So it was with that in mind that I decided to make some chicken and dumplings.

What follows this is just basically what all recipes say about chicken and dumplings, but it’s my version of it and since I know I can make it I am fairly sure anyone else can do it as well.

I took one whole chicken and cleaned it out and patted it dry. In the pot that I was using to do the whole thing in, I put some cut up onion (about a half of one) and a overly healthy addition of garlic (seriously I put at least a whole head in ) but I like mine garlicky so if you don’t scale back. I sauteed them until the onion was translucent and then I put the chicken in and covered it with water. To that I added four bay leaves, rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano in an amount that frankly made me a bit nervous. I then added salt and pepper and put it on in between medium and  high and let it boil for two and a half hours, covering the pot to keep it from evaporating..

When I came back the chicken was easily pulled off of the bone with a fork, so I got the whole bird out of the water, and using two forks and a lot of pulling up of the big girl panties, I pulled off all the skin and tossed it, then removed all the usable meat from the bones and tossed the bones, after putting the meat back in. Then I added chopped celery and carrots, enough that it felt like a good ratio (this depends on the amount of broth and chicken you have in there, for my chicken I used four stalks of celery bite sized chopped and five carrots. And in it went again without the lid for another 2 and a half hours. By the way I can not stress enough to test the broth during this phase. I had to add a lot more salt and pepper, and some more garlic powder to mine during this to get it to the taste that I wanted.

Once I made sure that the carrots were soft enough to be cut with a fork, I then took the one cheat of the whole process and made bisquick drop biscuits. They are easy, and when I think ‘dumplings’ they are immediately what springs to my mind.

After I made the dumplings, I realized that the broth was too think for my taste, and so bisquick came to the rescue one more, I took two tablespoons, and a bowl, spooning some of the broth into it and mixed up a quick roux and put it into the broth to simmer for another 15 minutes before serving. I like my chicken and dumplings to be somewhere between stew and soup, so it came out perfect for me.

The boys of course wouldn’t eat it. I ended up giving my picky eaters, a peanutbutter sandwich and yogurt for their dinner, but it warmed the adults of the house for a few days before we froze the leftovers for another cold snap.

Personally? I enjoy mine with a nice little sprinkling of red pepper flakes on top. For a little zing with all that flavor. I hope you can make this for your cold days as well!


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