Remember when I said we were going to do chicken strips and a steak and all that? Well…things happened. School, my kid getting sick and the metroplex I live in becoming covered in a sea of ice. When it came down to it I could write both of those posts right now, but without pictures it kind of feels..pointless, and last night, when the world was frozen and shivering and everyone in my life was teeth chattering cold, I decided to knock out one of my major monthly contributions to our house’s dinner rotations and make a big batch of chilli.

Now before I begin, I want to state that even if I live in Texas, I do not make Texas Chilli. Texas Chilli does not have beans, and there’s a whole bunch of other rules to it and frankly while I enjoy it when I eat it, I live with northerners and I enjoy beans in mine. So if you’re gonna complain about it, then take them out in your mind. Just imagine my household living in a lovely bean free state and all will be well.

So basically, like most of my recipes there’s no real measurements I can provide you..unfortunately I cook by feel, which I think is perhaps the best way to do things like this but I could be wrong. However, my advice is simple, start with a little, and add more. Of everything. Start with a little, taste, and taste, and taste as you go and soon you’ll start to get a ‘feel’ for things.

Right! So with all that said lets begin!

First I take two pounds of ground pork, and two pounds of ground beef and toss it into the pot I’m going to make the chilli in. I brown the whole mess while covering it with a whole slew of things.

3-4 tablespoons of garlic Depending on your love of garlic

1ish tablespoon of Cumin, Oregano, Chilli Powder and whatever strikes your fancy. Cilantro is a good one too.

Then a couple teaspoons of salt and pepper.


When the meat is all browned and good, I drain it thoroughly and put it back in the pan. I then add two big cans of crushed tomatoes, and two big cans of tomato sauce. Then a large can of tomato paste and three drained cans of red kidney beans (though I’m dying to try some other beans, like black or the like) and then add a couple more table spoons of garlic, more cumin and oregano and chilli powder and salt and pepper..

Stir it up thoroughly, and taste. It will be a touch..strong here or should be but not too spicy and overwhelming. Bring to a good bubbling simmer and leave on low heat for at least three hours. Tasting throughout and adding whatever you feel is lacking.

I then make cornbread to go with it and serve it with Cornbread which can be eaten on the side, or crumbled up and mixed in. I also give cheese and sourcream and if we’re having company some chips.

I purposefully make a big pot of it when I make it so that we can put into freezer bags in dinner sized portions and thaw it out and reheat it for lunches or dinner as we see fit. It’s a great way to have something on hand that everyone enjoys!

I hope you all enjoy!!

Mmm Chilli.


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