Easter Cookies

It’s time to stuff baskets with goodies, and I wanted to treat my kids with something a little more special than the standard store bought stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I bought candy, but that’s not all that’s in their baskets.

I went looking for a sugar cookie recipe (so I could make shapes, obviously) and went to my usual go-to resource for All Things Food.  When I did a search for sugar cookies on The Pioneer Woman’s blog, This Recipe   popped up.  The fact that they were decorated with a glaze instead of being covered in frosting appealed to me.  So, using the only spring themed cookie cutter that I own (a flower, which can also double as a snow flake) I baked a batch of lovely easter cookies.

I used blue and yellow for the glaze, mostly because those were the only colors I found in the pantry that were not green (Who said I was good at planning?)  I also did not have shortening, so I used butter.  Shortening would have probably made them a touch softer, but they are a rather pleasant texture with butter.  And I didn’t use the egg whites in the frosting.  If I were serving them today, or only eating them myself, I might have.  But the Idea of using raw egg on cookies that aren’t going to be eaten until Sunday made me feel icky.  A note on the frosting – if you’re going to forgo the egg white (I have no idea how it alters the frosting) be sure to let the frosting begin to set up just a bit.  I made mine a tiny bit too runny, and some of the flowers look like they are… um… pollenating vigorously.

But otherwise, aren’t they pretty?

Have a lovely week, whatever you celebrate.



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