Julia Child revolutionized the home cooking world by making french eating accessible. Maybe not -easy-, but accessible. Julie Powell’s site and book proved that her idea that the average person could eat well was still a vital viable one. We are choosing to believe in that promise and challenging ourselves to make our lives less about processed food and more about enjoying and cooking. Four women, from varying backgrounds and locations with varying interests and tastes, all friends and all sharing with the world what we already share with each other, our cooking, our skills, and our laughter.

No Sous Chefs is about doing things in the kitchen that are daring but delicious, about making the best of what we have and enjoying what we create. We hope to pass on tricks, and tips, to explore recipes and to help other people who want to be foodies but live on a budget learn how to make the best of their own resources.  We are just servant-less American’s like every one else. Viva La Julia!


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